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Tailored lessons that will help grow your business and make you an expert in conversion-based copywriting. This bootcamp is created for those who want to learn effective copywriting methodologies with advanced techniques and easy learning to sell more or earn more income online.


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What you will learn

No matter what you sell or do in the business world and in the digital economy, content is what drives your success!
And that’s why we say that CONTENT IS KING!
Are you a business owner, salesperson or marketer that’s struggling to make consistent sales online?
Can I shock you that the problem is not with your marketing channel but your marketing message?
Whether it’s a video ads, a brochure, a sales webinar or conference… Content plays a major role!
And being able to craft a message or content that is capable of selling your product or idea effortlessly is what we call Copywriting!
You see, whether you are advertising on Facebook, TV, radio, billboards, google, etc. Copywriting is a skill that sells your brand, product, or idea.
So stop struggling to sell and wasting money on ads that is not yielding you profit and leveraging the power of content that converts to sell!
Learn how to write compelling message like an expert just in 5 Days! Even if you have never done it before.
This is a 5 Days copywriting pro Challenge where you will get to start writing copy like a pro in 5days!

Who Should Sign Up for This Challenge.


✅ Solopreneurs
✅ Small business owners
✅ Content creator
✅ Affiliate marketers
✅ Freelancers e.g (Graphics Designer, web designer, etc
✅ Coaches
✅ Consultants
✅ Anyone who wants to learn a high income skill and make genuine money online


This is not for you if....


❌ You are not ready to put in the work and get the results!

❌ You don’t show up for training when you sign up for them.

❌ You are too busy to invest time in your own personal development and business growth

❌ You are already an expert copywriter

❌ You are someone who is only interested in free stuff everywhere

❌ You don’t have time to commit to attending the live virtual workshop sessions.


There will be no recordings available if you miss the live sessions.

But you will be able to get the recordings at $25 discounted fee after the whole workshop has been concluded!

So are you still coming? Do you have what it takes?

Oya, sign up now!

This offer is for a limited time! If you snooze, you lose!

Free Registration closes April 20th!

Let’s talk business
How much do workshop cost?

Normal Workshop Fee starts at


to enroll

But for you, if you act fast you will NOT pay a dime for this workshop!

One-on-One brand consultation with Digital Flossie

Nice to meet you, I’m Florence Adeleke

Working together to achieve your goals and understand the marketing world and the use of copywriting to grow your brand. You will have complete guidance and support from me throughout all processes.

I have always loved the marketing and branding world, and I’m really passionate about creating tailored message to tailored audience. Benefit from my vast experience and knowledge.

Learn from previous students & hear what they say about my trainings.

Digital Flossie Copywriting course testimonial
Digital Flossie Copywriting course testimonial

Join the copywriting Pro Challenge and double your business revenue now!

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